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Custom Website Design

We offer custom web design and create on demand and fully optimized websites, ready to drive conversions

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custom web design

The most creative web design

At Creatif Agency we offer custom designs and create websites from scratch with an incredible page load. We work based on an approved design.

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Pixel perfect work in such a short time. Very professional team.

Bogdan CEO of Crypto Adventure

Our digital services

We do branding and web design services.

Our website designers work tirelessly for every project.

We create: professional websites, Ecommerce websites. and SaaS applications.

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California web design company
Designed by Creatif Agency

Custom web design services

We start by getting to know your business, your audience, and your industry, and develop a strategic plan for your online business.

Our meticulous planning & research service will protect your website investment and we can guarantee you a positive Return of Investment.

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custom website design
Designed by Creatif Agency

Web design services

Whether you need a presentation website or a complex SaaS platform, we have the expertise to deliver digital services that fits your business goal.

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website development company
California real estate web design Designed by Creatif Agency
What impresses me most is the level of communication between us and Creatif Agency.

Alex CEO TheTalentUniverse

Custom website

A custom web design converts better than 24% than a standard website

GTA VI website

Guaranteed results! 125% ROI

Our clients noticed not less than 125% of Return of Investment after creating their website with us.

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Web Design Services

We create websites that will last a Lifetime and Boost your online presence over your competitors.

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California Branding

Branding & Rebranding

We’ve worked with major brands in industries like beauty, fashion, jewelry and created memorable brands.
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presentation website design - Creatif Agency - California

Web Design

Unlike a general template that millions of people use as you are reading this, a custom design will be custom crafted and designed for your needs, your industry, and your clients.
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web design California - Creatif Agency

Exceptional Mobile Speed

Our custom website creation service is dedicated to developing one-of-a-kind, resilient, and expandable solution.
By utilizing the best coding practices, we promise an impressive page load speed of under three seconds.
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California Web Design - Creatif Agency

Design animations

The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” takes on a whole new level of significance when it comes to animation.
With slick animations we get you a 15.6% higher conversion rate compared to static websites. We guarantee that!

website company research

Lifetime Website Support

Rest assured with our Lifetime Support services for your website. We are committed to your enduring success, providing continuous technical assistance, regular updates, and improvements to guarantee your website maintains peak performance long after its initial launch.

California brand design services - Creatif Agency

Dominating in Search Results

In addition to our web development offerings, our SEO Optimization service will boost your company page in the first results on Google Search and outrank your competition.

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The most creative Portfolio in the Web Industry

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Success stories

Explore the mastery of our website designs and the orchestration of the challenges in every project.

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Flavius and his team were by far the most professional, hard-working, and talented agency I've ever worked with. I highly recommend hiring them.

Yuval CEO Guerilla Buzz

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What Creatif Agency stands for?

At Creatif Agency, we understand the importance of trust in any business relationship, and we are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and transparency in all of our interactions.

We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for our clients, and we are proud to have earned their trust and loyalty over the years.

What type of services are you offering?

We offer a wide range of services to help businesses succeed online.

Web Design: We specialize in creating stunning, user-friendly websites that are designed to engage and convert visitors into customers. Our team of designers are experts in the latest design trends and techniques.

We also offer custom website development and custom web software, using the latest technologies and frameworks to build high-performance websites and web applications that are optimized for speed, security, and scalability.

What type of websites are you doing?

We specialize in designing and developing a wide variety of websites, including presentation sites, online shops, SAAS applications, marketplaces, and other custom websites that cater to the specific needs of our clients. No matter what type of website you need, we can help you.

How much does a website cost?

The cost of hiring us varies depending on a number of factors, including the scope of the project, the specific services required, and the complexity of the work involved.

If you are interested in getting a quote about our pricing and services, please describe your project specific requirements. Contact us

Can you do branding for my business?

Yes we can do the branding for your business. We are an experienced design agency, and branding plays a big part in the design process. We offer a comprehensive suite of branding services.

Most of our clients prefer to do the branding with us, it's easier, faster and less pricing than hiring a secondary agency. So, whether you are just starting out and need help developing your brand from scratch, or you are looking to refresh your existing brand, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.

What payment methods do you accept?

As payment methods we accept the following: direct bank transfer, crypto payments via Utrust and Paypal. Every project we take is based on a legal registered contract and you will be invoiced as per agreement.

How long does the project work take?

For a presentation website the time estimates are usually from 4-6 weeks.

The timeline for our design work can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. We always work closely with our clients to establish clear project timelines and milestones, and we do our best to ensure that our work is completed on time and within budget.

Do you work with clients in different countries?

Yes! The main service areas of our company are California, Berlin and Romania.

While operating in "remote-office" type, we have team members in multiple states from United States (including L.A., Oakland, San Diego, NYC) and Europe. We have implemented a high performing setup for our team that can cover multiple states and different time zones at the same time, all this by still providing the best of the best in terms of quality of our work.

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Web Design agency near you

Looking for professional web design services in your area? Our web design company is dedicated to providing top-notch, custom web solutions to businesses and individuals.

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Extra info

How to create web design

When designing a website, it is essential to consider the target audience and the industry in which the business operates. The design should reflect the brand’s personality, values, and objectives. From choosing the right fonts and colors to creating a seamless user experience, every aspect of the web design should align with the business’s branding.

Click to discover how Creatif Agency is redefining web design service in California.

Which company is best for web designing?

Finding a skilled web designer near you is the first step towards creating an impactful online presence. A web designer is responsible for translating a business’s goals and vision into a visually appealing and functional website. They possess the technical expertise to design layouts, select color schemes, and create user-friendly navigation. A good web design comapny understands the unique requirements of businesses in the region and can incorporate local aesthetics and cultural nuances into the website design.

How to find web design service?

Finding the right web design service can be a hard task since there are numerous options available.

Start by conducting thorough research and compiling a list of reputable web design companies near you. Look for portfolios and case studies that showcase their expertise and style. Reading client testimonials and reviews can provide insights into the quality of their work and customer satisfaction. Additionally, consider the company’s experience, pricing, and customer support to make an informed decision.

We’ve created a guide on how to find the best web design company.

How much do companies charge to design a website?

The cost of website design can vary depending on various factors such as the complexity of the project, the size of the website, and the level of customization required. On average, website designers can charge between $3,000 and $10,000 for a standard business website. However, prices can go higher for more complex projects or additional features such as e-commerce functionality or content management systems. It is important to discuss the pricing and payment terms with the web design company upfront to avoid any misunderstandings.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the approach that aims to design websites that provide users an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones.

By having a responsive website, you are ensuring that your brand’s message and user experience remains consistent across all devices. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also boosts your credibility and professionalism. With a responsive web design, you don’t have to worry about creating separate websites for different devices. This not only saves you time and resources but also allows you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

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When looking for custom web design services, consider factors such as expertise, portfolio, customer reviews, and pricing. The web design process involves careful planning, wireframing, design, development, testing, and launch.

Remember to choose a web design company that understands your business goals and can deliver a website that meets your expectations. Get a quote for website creation from a reputable web design company and take the first step towards establishing a strong online presence.

Ready to create your website? Get a quote from Creatif Agency, the most creative web design company you can find.


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