News Published: 23 April 2024 Update: 23 April 2024 is A Scam Website That Uses Our Company Branding

is is a scam? yes!

Attention! – is A Scam Website is a malicious website that uses our company name and branding in order to scam people. It has noting to do with our company and under no circumstances you should provide any personal details or money. Please report and block any person who is trying to contact you. They are using our logo and our company name in order to gain trust.

In the last weeks we have received a lot of messages especially from the area of Italy, from people whom are lead and to a website called where they need to login and send some money in a crypto wallet in order to get more money in return.

The story is that they are looking for people to optimize an app. The user needs to send a small amount first in a crypto wallet (to be undetected), then to start advertising/working on it – and from there you get in return decent amount of USD.

After you send the money you will never hear from them again and there’s nothing you can do in order to get back the money.

They can use Instagram, LinkedIn or any other direct email channels to contact you

Multiple people have been scammed already. Take care!

User messages is a malicious website is a malicious website is a scam website is a scam website

Messages from users that were scammed


I was contacted by What should I do?

If you have been contacted please, report them to the platform that they are trying to reach you on: Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram or Google.

Report the website as phishing

We have reported already the website domain to its register and hosting provider, we have yet received a message from them. 

Please report it as well in order to take this website down

I have been scammed by

If you have been scammed please, report them to your local authorities.

Please send any possible scams to [email protected], we’ll update this post and we’ll also report it.

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