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Castellan – An Airbnb Style Website Redesign

Case din lemn web design

Creatif Agency had the opportunity to collaborate with Case din Lemn Castellan, a renowned house builder, to overhaul their outdated website. The project entailed addressing several key issues and delivering a modern, high-performance website that aligned with their brand identity and catered to their specific needs.

Why a website redesign was needed?

The decision to revamp Case din Lemn Castellan’s website stemmed from a trifecta of issues:

  • lack of mobile optimization
  • outdated web design
  • slow pagespeed
case din lemn old website
Old website
property web design
New website

Our creative designers identified these pain points, and after long hours invested in reasearch, we managed to deliver a website that not only met modern standards but provides a very easy to use experience with a slick design.

Design Inspiration

In developing the redesign, we drew inspiration from the intuitive and visually appealing design elements of the Airbnb website. Inspired by Airbnb’s emphasis on seamless user experience and modern aesthetics, we crafted a design that prioritized user engagement and effortless navigation.

airbnb web design
Airbnb web design

The project requests

Case din Lemn Castellan expressed the need for a robust backend system that would empower their administrators to effortlessly list an unlimited number of properties. Each property required the ability to showcase unique descriptions, accommodate price changes, and feature a visually captivating image gallery.

Understanding the significance of these features in enriching the user experience and facilitating efficient property showcasing, we made it a focal point of our redesign efforts.

Intuitive Dashboard for Seamless Management

In addition to enhancing the frontend user experience, we recognized the importance of providing Case din Lemn Castellan with an easy-to-use dashboard for managing on-site listings and having complete control over content edits. Our solution involved developing a user-friendly, yet powerful, dashboard that enabled seamless property management, content updates, and the flexibility to adapt to evolving business needs. This feature not only streamlined their internal processes but also endowed them with the autonomy to keep their online property listings up-to-date with ease.

Implementing a Wishlist Feature

Understanding the significance of customer engagement and retention, Case din Lemn Castellan expressed the desire to incorporate a wishlist feature that allowed users to save their favorite property listings for future reference. Recognizing the potential of this feature to enhance user interaction and facilitate return visits, we seamlessly integrated a wishlist option into the website. This functionality enabled visitors to curate their own personalized collection of favored listings, thereby fostering a more personalized and engaging experience.

A+ User Experience design

One of the primary objectives of the redesign was to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience for individuals searching for houses. By implementing user-centric design principles, we optimized the website’s navigation, streamlined the search process, and enhanced the overall visual appeal. This approach aimed to empower visitors to effortlessly browse through the diverse house options available, ultimately fostering engagement and conversions.

mobile web design
Mobile web design by Creatif Agency

Now, prospective homeowners can effortlessly explore the diverse range of houses, including A-frames, cabins, and home garden.

Under 3 second page load, that’s what we do

Recognizing the significance of speed and search engine optimization, Creatif Agency implemented cutting-edge techniques. The result? A lightning-fast website, with load times under 3 seconds; catapulting Case din Lemn Castellan to the forefront of online efficiency.

We prioritized the optimization of Case din Lemn Castellan’s website for search engine performance as well. We implemented robust SEO strategies to bolster the website’s visibility and ensure it ranks prominently in relevant search results.

Every facet of the site underwent meticulous customization, contributing to improved SEO rankings and heightened visibility.

A Custom Design solution

What sets Creatif Agency apart is our commitment to custom design solutions. Case din Lemn Castellan entrusted us with their vision, and we reciprocated with a tailor-made design that encapsulates their unique identity. Every aspect of the website, from the layout to the graphics, was meticulously designed to reflect their unique offerings and resonate with their target audience. This personalized approach resulted in a website that stood out in the competitive landscape and effectively conveyed the quality and craftsmanship synonymous with Case din Lemn Castellan.

properties listing web design
Properties listing web design


In conclusion, the redesign of Case din Lemn Castellan’s website stands as a testament to Creatif Agency’s prowess in the realm of web design. As we continue to redefine digital landscapes, our collaboration with clients like Case din Lemn Castellan exemplifies our unwavering commitment to innovation, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

Case din Lemn Castellan is a very good representation of our team capabilities in terms of design and user experience. Click to visit the website

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