Tech Published: 17 April 2024 Update: 17 April 2024

This AI-powered CV app is on sale for under £30

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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to the AI Resume Builder is on sale for £27.83, saving you 93% on list price.

You may be the most qualified candidate for a job with a CV that proves it, but that might not guarantee you’ll get the job. It may not even get you an interview if the company is using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to scan incoming CVs. 

If you want to create an ATS-friendly CV that still shows off your talents, you could learn all the quirks of the software, or you could use a CV builder that already knows how it’s done. AI Resume Builder gives you intuitive controls to create application materials that may stand out to ATS software, and you can get a lifetime subscription for the best price online, just £27.83. 

AI Resume Builder is an intuitive tool to get the attention of ATS software, and it’s also just a useful tool for putting together a CV. The drag-and-drop layouts let you rearrange blocks of your CV in seconds instead of manually copying, pasting, and re-formatting. 

Fine-tune with controls for color editing and spacing, and you can even add your social media links for LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter, Portfolio, Behance, and more. Don’t miss a misplaced comma. AI Résumé Builder supports Grammarly integration so you can check your work before submitting it. 

Take advantage of an advanced AI that might just save you time during the whole application process. This CV builder has a built-in AI engine that auto-completes data for you and fills in what it already knows. 

This offer is only available to new users. Once activated, you can access your AI Resume Builder on up to 999 devices. The Basic plan lets you create up to 10 CVs a month with 50 monthly downloads. You also get tips that could help you refine your CV.

For a limited time, get a lifetime subscription to the AI Resume Builder on sale for £27.83, the best price online.

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