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Last update: 3 April 2024 Published on: 3 April 2024

Spotify’s price is reportedly going up again

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An illustration of the Spotify app logo
Illustration by Nick Barclay / The Verge

For many years, Spotify held strong at its monthly subscription of $9.99, but that changed last July when Premium jumped up to $10.99. Now it appears that the leading subscription music service is planning another price hike — and not waiting nearly as long this time. Bloomberg reports that the cost will go up by between $1 and $2 in the UK, Australia, Pakistan, and two other markets by the end of April, with an increase planned for US customers “later this year.”

But there’s one important asterisk here: this all assumes that you’re interested in listening to audiobooks on Spotify. Part of the reason for these subscription increases is to cover their cost, after all. Spotify has already grown to become the second-largest player in…

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3 April 2024

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