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Soothe the muscles in your shoulder with this $47.99 massager

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TL;DR: This Electrothermal Vibration Massage Shoulder Support Belt is a wearable massager to help relax the muscles in your shoulder, and, through April 16, you can get it for $47.99 with code ENJOY20

Shoulder pain isn’t easy to deal with. Even a little soreness could make it hard to raise your arms to cook, play with your pets, exercise, or enjoy your hobbies. However, you may be able to help soothe the pain with a little bit of heat and pressure from a convenient device you can wear on your shoulder. 

The Electrothermal Vibration Massage Shoulder Support Belt could help provide pain relief for your shoulder through adjustable heat and vibration settings. Normally, this wearable massager would be $199, but you can get it for $47.99 through April 16 with code ENJOY20

Don’t shoulder the pain alone

The shoulder support belt is designed with three adjustable modes for heating and vibration, so you can customize your experience until you find a blend that’s just right for your pain. All settings are accessed using the control panel and LED display on the side of the belt. That’s also where you can check battery life, although the belt should remind you once it gets down below 5% power.

Though it might be comfortable and even help temporarily alleviate the pain in your shoulder, this device doesn’t treat the underlying cause or heal the shoulder itself. It could be a great fit if you have chronic shoulder pain and want a quick way to help soothe the pain, or athletes could pop it on after a tough workout. 

Help soothe your sore muscles

Whether you’re sore from work, the gym, an old injury, or your pain is a total mystery, you might be able to find some relief with this wearable heat massager. 

Until April 16 at 11:59 p.m. PT, you can get the Electrothermal Vibration Massage Shoulder Support Belt for $47.99 (reg.$199) with code ENJOY20

StackSocial prices subject to change. 

Electrothermal Vibration Massage Shoulder Support Belt
at the Mashable Shop

Save $152.00
with code ENJOY20

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