SEO News Published: 11 April 2024 Update: 11 April 2024

Sneak peek: SEO and PPC sessions coming to SMX Advanced

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Last week’s SMX Advanced programming meeting with the Search Engine Land experts unveiled some pretty exciting details… on the SEO side, sessions will tackle:

  • What you can expect from Google’s Search Generative Experience (+ live Q&A) with Ryan Jones
  • RAG: What it is, why it matters, and what it means for the future of SEO (+ live Q&A) – with Mike King
  • How advanced site structure and internal search can skyrocket organic traffic (+ live Q&A) with Maria White
  • The absolute latest in algorithm updates (100% live session + Q&A) with Glenn Gabe and Lily Ray

And on the PPC side, sessions will explore…

  • Igniting paid search success on unconventional platforms (+ live Q&A)  with Andrea Cruz
  • Advanced tips for boosting landing page conversion rates (+ live Q&A) with Brian Massey
  • Merging old-school PPC management with new-school automation (+ live Q&A) with Brad Geddes
  • How to strategically build RSAs like a pro: From generic to magnetic (+ live Q&A) with Amy Hebdon

That’s just the start. There are loads more sessions to come, plus two exclusive keynotes, engaging meetups, and more.

Registration is 100% free – and this event will be available both live and on-demand, so you can catch up when it fits your schedule.

What are you waiting for? Grab your free SMX Advanced pass now!

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