Tech Published: 18 April 2024 Update: 18 April 2024

Sega is turning Golden Axe into an animated series

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A screenshot from Golden Axe III, showing a skull floating down from the sky and blowing smoke everywhere.
Bleeeeeaaaagggghhhhh. | Screenshot: Wes Davis / The Verge

Comedy Central has ordered 10 episodes of Golden Axe, an animated show based on the fantasy beat ’em up sidescroller games. Deadline writes that it will be both “hilarious and loving” in its adaptation of the game. If I remember my Sega Genesis days well, I think that means there’ll be fighting over who gets to ride the purple bird dinosaur and that, at some point, a gigantic hairy skull will float down and hotbox everyone.

Who’s big idea was this, you ask? You can blame producers Mike McMahan (Star Trek: Lower Decks) and Joe Chandler (American Dad!), who will also write the first episode together, with Chandler serving as the showrunner afterward. A timeline for the show’s release hasn’t been announced yet.

According to Deadline, Gilius…

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