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Save $35 on this video speaker bar for virtual meetings

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Soundbar with remote.

TL;DR: Through April 21, save $35 on this 4K video system and speaker bar for conference rooms and virtual meetings.

Remember the days when virtual meetings were supposed to make our work days easier? Now, stepping foot into a real conference room seems like a treat compared to setting up webcams and microphones, but something that might make life a little easier for remote team meetings is this Poly Studio 4K video system speaker bar.

It replaces your existing webcam with a wider field of view, your microphone with clearer audio, and tangles of cables with simple, streamlined setup, all for $449.99 (reg. $484.99).

The ultimate picture and sound quality upgrade

The Poly Studio video system is ideal for use in a conference room with a large group of people who are joining a virtual meeting, though you could absolutely use it with just a few people or yourself. Its 4K clarity and 120-degree field of view are designed to capture more detail and individuals than your typical laptop webcam. The camera also has 5x digital zoom when people have individual speaking points or questions.

On the audio side, the video system has a 6-microphone array that picks up clear sound, while NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies help filter out any excess noise or chatter in the room. As for listening, you and your team can enjoy powerful stereo speaker output.

Less hassle, more collaboration and productivity 

Setup is rather simple, all things considered. The Poly Studio video system needs power, but then you just need to connect a USB cable to your PC or Mac and launch your video conferencing platform — there’s no need to install any additional software.

Make every meeting a sound success with the Poly Studio 4K video system speaker bar at $449.99 (reg. $484.99). 

StackSocial prices subject to change.

Poly Studio 4K Video System Speaker Bar
at the Mashable Shop

Save $35.00

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