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Last update: 3 April 2024 Published on: 3 April 2024

Lifx launches two new 1,600-lumen bulbs that work with Matter

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Lightbulb with the Matter logo, and the box for the Par38 light.
Par38 Matter-compatible floodlight. | Image: Lifx

Lifx is bringing its high-end smart bulb chops to Matter with two new bulbs that support the standard over Wi-Fi. The two bulbs are an A21 indoor bulb ($39.98) and a Par38 indoor / outdoor option ($34.98) and will be available only through The Home Depot, starting today.

The big advantage Lifx has over many smart light bulbs is their brightness, and it looks like that’s the case here — both are 1,600-lumen bulbs, making them brighter than even Lifx’s own previous bulbs, which maxed out at 1,100 lumens. The A21 indoor bulb will be a 100-watt equivalent, while the indoor / outdoor Par38 — that’s the bell-shaped kind you might see in a recessed fixture — is a 150-watt equivalent and is rated IP65, meaning it’s dust-tight and can withstand…

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3 April 2024

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