SEO News Published: 12 April 2024 Update: 12 April 2024

Google structured data carousels (beta) clarified for summary pages

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Google has updated its structured data carousels (beta) help documentation to clarify where your markup should go within summary pages that link out to other detail pages. Google also added the feature availability of this new structured data carousels (beta).

The Google structured data carousels (beta) is several weeks old, it was introduced when Google began releasing DMA changes in the European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

Summary pages. Google said “the markup must be on the summary page, and you don’t need to add markup to the detail pages in order to be eligible for this feature.” Google added this new section:

Pick a single summary page that contains some information about every entity in the list. For example, a category page that lists the “Top hotels in Paris”, with links out to specific detail pages on your site for more information about each hotel. You can mix and match different types of entities (for example, hotels, restaurants), if needed for your scenario. For example, if you have a “Things to do in Switzerland” article that lists both local events and local businesses.

Add the required properties. Based on the format you’re using, learn where to insert structured data on the page.

Add the required properties to that summary page. You don’t need to add markup to the detail pages in order to be eligible for this beta feature. Based on the format you’re using, learn where to insert structured data on the page.

Google also clarified this summary page markup throughout the document.

Feature availability. Since this is available currently only within the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, Google clarified this within the document. Google wrote, “This feature is currently only available in European Economic Area (EEA) countries, on both desktop and mobile devices. It’s available for travel, local, and shopping queries. For shopping queries, it’s being tested first in Germany, France, Czechia, and the UK.”

Google also wrote, “This feature is in beta and you may see changes in requirements or guidelines, as we develop this feature. If your business is based in EEA, or serves users in EEA, and you would like to learn more and express interest in these new experiences, you can start by filling out the applicable form (for flights queries, use the interest form for flights queries).”

Why we care. If you are based in European regions, these are changes you should be aware of. You may want to implement these new beta carousel features, where appropriate and then submit the interest forms to Google to be opted into the program.

These carousels may lead to more clicks from Google Search to your site.

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