SEO News Published: 17 April 2024 Update: 17 April 2024

Google Demand Gen advertisers get generative image tools

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Google is introducing new generative image tools for Demand Gen advertisers worldwide.

These AI-powered tools can quickly produce high-quality image assets with just a few clicks.

Google is also rolling out a new Generate more like this feature, which lets advertisers create similar versions of existing images that are performing well.

Why we care. Leveraging AI to create unique, high-quality image assets can save you time, money and resources, resulting in more efficient campaign management.

Control. While AI will create these image assets, Google emphasizes that advertisers will retain full control. They will have the final say over which suggested images are featured in campaigns, not Google’s automated systems.

  • “Your knowledge and expertise are crucial to help Google AI generate images tailored to your business or client’s needs. For example, if you have an outdoor lifestyle brand that sells camping gear, use prompts like ‘vibrantly colored tents illuminated under the Aurora Borealis’ to create images that will appeal to those who are shopping for camping trips to Iceland,” according to Michael Levinson, Vice President and General Manager of Social, Local and Vertical Ads.

Originality. Google’s AI ensures that no two images are identical. This means that the new generative image tools in Demand Gen produce original and distinct content each time.

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