SEO News Published: 18 April 2024 Update: 18 April 2024

Google AdSense launches new Ad Intents format for Auto ads

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Google AdSense users can now choose to have Auto Ads show as “ad intents” through the platform (in addition to overlap and in-page formats). 

What are ad intents. An ad intent is an “intent-driven format that places links and anchors into existing text and pages on your site related to your content,” according to Google. 

Google doesn’t rely on third-party cookies for this new functionality. 

What it looks like. Those links take the users interacting with it to a Google Search Result page containing both organic results and paid ads. 

Here are examples Google shared:

Ad intent anchor:

Ad intent link:

Why we care. This new format could mean more revenue for publishers who opt into Auto Ads, but it could also mean traffic that would have gone to a publisher’s placement ad now goes to a Google SERP. That extra click journey could lose customers on the way. 

Implementation. This is an optional functionality that Google has introduced. In response to a post on X accusing Google of stealing traffic share from sites on the SERP, Ginny Marvin, Google Ads Liaison, wrote

  • “This new format is opt-in and entirely optional for publishers. Publishers can opt into ad intent links, which converts existing text on their page into links.
  • “There’s also an option to use ad intent anchors, which place anchors at the bottom of your page.”

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