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Get smoother streaming with the Amazon Fire TV Cube on sale for under $115

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a family watches a film on their living room tv with an amazon fire tv cube device sitting on the entertainment system under the TV

SAVE 18%: An Amazon Fire TV Cube streaming device is just $114.99 at Amazon, down from the standard price of $139.99. That’s a savings of $25.

Amazon Fire TV Cube streaming device
at Amazon

Save $25.00

Does your TV take forever to boot up Netflix, taking precious time away from your evening shows? If you tend to wait for apps to load, investing in a high-end streaming device could make your viewing experience more enjoyable. Thanks to today’s deal at Amazon, you can get lightning-fast streaming while saving some money.

As of April 17, the Amazon Fire TV Cube is $114.99, marked down from the normal price of $139.99. That’s an 18% discount or a savings of $25. This deal includes the Fire TV Cube streaming device, an Alexa voice-enhanced remote, and a power adapter.

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is capable of streaming 4K media, fast. Amazon says the Fire TV Cube is two times as powerful as the popular Fire TV Stick 4K Max. The Fire TV Cube uses an octa-core 2.0 GHz processor for faster launching and navigating of your favorite apps like Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu. The cube can also support WiFi 6E for the latest in speedy internet connection.

The Fire TV Cube also works with voice commands thanks to the included remote control, so you can ask Alexa to change the volume of the TV or open Disney+.

If your streaming device is no longer keeping up or can’t support streaming in 4K, this is your sign that it’s time to upgrade. Grab the Amazon Fire TV Cube for just $114.99 and get used to quick streaming and navigating.

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