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Get room-filling sound in a small package with $20 off an Apple HomePod Mini

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Apple HomePod Mini in orange and purple abstract background

SAVE $20: As of April 12, the Apple HomePod Mini is just $79.99 at Best Buy. That’s a discount of 20%.

Apple HomePod Mini on white background

Credit: Best Buy

Apple HomePod Mini
at Best Buy

Save $20.00

A great Bluetooth speaker is essential if you like listening to your favorite tunes and podcasts without committing to a pricey stereo system. There are tons of great choices out there, including the adorable Apple HomePod Mini. This diminutive version of the larger Apple HomePod is not only more affordable than its larger cousin, but it comes in multiple fun colors and still manages to really kick out the jams. If you’re curious about bringing one into your home, this sale is a great time to do it.

As of April 12, the Apple HomePod Mini is $79.99 at Best Buy. That’s $20 off its normal price of $99.99 and a 20% discount. It comes in five different colors, including a fun neon orange and bright yellow.

The Apple HomePod Mini is an impossibly fun little speaker. Half the fun is in its aesthetics, like many of Apple’s products, but that philosophy really shines through here. It’s a small spherical speaker that you can place anywhere in your home for loud, crisp sound. Connect to your phone via Siri and queue up music, listen to podcasts, and even control your smart home devices right from the speaker. Its 360-degree room-filling sound is big and bright, and you can even pair two HomePod Mini speakers together for a louder, bolder sound. And if you start out listening on your iPhone, you can use Handoff to continue on the HomePod Mini.

For larger families, you can use this speaker as an intercom as well. It can recognize up to six different voices, so each person has a more personalized experience. It’s a small speaker with plenty of functions. If you’ve been curious about one for a while, now’s a great time to lock it in.

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