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Get $100 off this must-have radio for weather emergencies

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TL;DR: Through April 21, save $100 on this shortwave radio that receives every type of wavelength for weather-related emergencies, and entertainment — $149.99 (reg. $249.99).

Whether you live in an area recently affected by unexpected earthquakes, coastal flooding, wildfires, severe thunderstorms, or anything in between, you already know that the only thing predictable about the weather is its unpredictability. Staying prepared for emergencies is key, and we don’t just mean having a charged phone and food stashed in your basement.

If the power, internet, and cell phone towers all go out in severe weather conditions, it’s crucial to have a way to get weather and news updates. The Eton Elite Executive radio operates on batteries and picks up all types of wavelengths for emergencies and entertainment for $149.99 (reg. $249.99).

A modern twist on a timeless communication tool

Tune into AM broadcasts, and FM stations with RDS and get information like song titles, and LW and SW for long-distance and international transmissions. The radio even picks up VHF aircraft band wavelengths, meaning you can tune into air traffic control communications. When you’re stuck in a weather emergency, these access points could be crucial for getting important updates, or simply staying entertained.

The radio features precise automatic or manual digital tuning, so you can easily find the station you’re looking for or browse what’s available in your area. You can also save 700 stations, set alarms or sleep timers, and electronically adjust the volume, treble, and bass sound effects.

Of course, the Eton Elite Executive radio isn’t only for emergencies. You could bring it to the beach or camping to listen to your favorite stations or tunes. Your purchase comes with a leather carrying case to protect the radio wherever you bring it.

Prepare for the unexpected with the Eton Elite Executive radio for $149.99 (reg. $249.99).

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