Tech Published: 17 April 2024 Update: 17 April 2024

ChatGPT got an upgrade — and OpenAI says it’s better in these key areas

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ChatGPT is getting an upgrade with OpenAI’s most advanced large language model.

On Thursday evening, OpenAI shared on X that GPT-4 Turbo will now power paid versions of ChatGPT. That includes ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users.

GPT-4 Turbo was announced last November as an updated version of GPT-4. Previously it was only available to developers, but now paying ChatGPT users can experience the updates for themselves. OpenAI says GPT-4 Turbo has improved writing, math, reasoning, and coding capabilities and users can expect “more direct, less verbose” responses and “more conversational language,” according to OpenAI’s X post.

In an example prompt requesting an RSVP reminder to a birthday dinner, the previous model wrote a longer, wordier draft whereas the response with GPT-4 Turbo was concise and to the point.

A graph illustrating the increase in key benchmarks from an earlier version of GPT-4 Turbo to the current model shows the biggest improvements in math and GPQA or Graduate-Level Google-Proof Q&A, which is a multiple choice dataset that measures biology, physics, and chemistry knowledge.

Although OpenAI says GPT-4 Turbo is now available in ChatGPT, we still don’t seem to have it, which suggests this is a gradual rollout.

Along with the turbo-charged update, ChatGPT has a more recent cutoff date. Previously it was April 2023, but now ChatGPT has knowledge of internet data up until December 2023, which will make it more useful for generating up-to-date responses.

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