Tech Published: 6 April 2024 Update: 6 April 2024

Best Buy Geek Squad employees report mass layoffs

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Best Buy Temporarily Furloughs 51,000 Employees

Former employees of Best Buy’s in-house tech support and repair team Geek Squad say there were mass layoffs this week, 404 Media reports. A former Geek Squad agent tells the outlet that they received an email on Tuesday about a work from home event the following day regarding a “company change.”

“Our leadership gave individual calls stating we were being let go for the simple fact that the company couldn’t afford to pay us, more or less. It was extremely short notice and devastating,” an ex-Geek Squad worker told 404 Media.

Over at r/GeekSquad, recently laid-off Geek Squad agents have posted photos of their badges in solidarity and referred to themselves as belonging to a Geek Squad “sleeper cell”, writing that they’re “going sleeper”…

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