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Best Buy Drops this week: Here are the upcoming products dropping through Best Buy’s app hack

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UPDATE: Apr. 9, 2024, 12:30 p.m. EDT This post has been updated with details on upcoming Drops between April 10 and April 12, including a custom Corsair SCUF Instinct Pro controller and the Samsung Music Frame.

When it comes to shopping, a scarcity mindset is just as convincing as that one friend who always enables you to buy something you don’t need. It’s why there’s often a timer breathing down your neck from the corner of the screen during a sitewide sale. It’s exactly why Amazon’s invite-only Prime Day deals and Black Friday deals popped off, and why Walmart lets Walmart+ members get their hands on new groups of big shopping event deals hours before the general public can.

And it’s probably why Best Buy conveniently announced Best Buy Drops just ahead of the holiday shopping season. We’re pleasantly surprised that Drops turned out to not just be a holiday treat, though — it has solidified its spot as the middle tab of the Best Buy app, and we’ll certainly be taking advantage of this unique shopping hack as long as Best Buy will let us.

Best Buy Drops is a shopping hack dedicated to giving shoppers a heads-up about upcoming high-profile items and deals in categories like gaming, cheap TVs, fan-favorite toys and merch, high-profile hair tools, kitchen gadgets, and more dropping at Best Buy in the next week. As long as you have the Best Buy mobile app, you can preview what’s coming on what day so that you’re ready to click “add to cart” when the item or deal goes live.

If a Drop is currently live while you’re on the app, a status bar showing the percentage of inventory that has been claimed can give an idea of how fast you need to act. Once inventory for a certain Drop is gone, it’s gone.

Drops section of Best Buy app showing deals on gaming controller and GoPro bundle
Drops can include a huge price slash on a popular item or availability of product that wasn’t up for grabs before.
Credit: Screenshot / Mashable

The Drops tab also keeps a list of past Drops, which have included a limited-edition PlayStation 5 Marvel’s Spider-Man bundle, Pokémon Squishmallows, a super cheap 50-inch TV, and the Apple Watch Ultra 2. Even if you missed these, you at least have an idea of what similar items could pop up in the coming weeks. To look ahead, check the upcoming tab.

For extra cushion, you can opt-in to Drop Alerts for an extra reminder right before the drop of a product you care about goes live. Joining My Best Buy Plus or My Best Buy Total will unlock even better discounts on Drops than what the general public is getting.

What’s dropping at Best Buy April 10 through April 12

Best Buy is only revealing the names of the upcoming products — not their actual Drop prices — in the Drop preview tab, so any prices listed below are the current price of the said product as it is on Best Buy’s site pre-Drop. Drops go live around 11 a.m. ET on the specified day (usually a string of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in any given week), and inventory is typically fully claimed by 5 p.m. that day.

Dropping: April 10

Serious Xbox-ers who have been eyeing the pricey SCUF Instinct Pro controller have another chance to get it into their hands for less than $200. To avoid a friend accidentally stealing yours, the one featured in this Drop is the custom Black Tiger model.

Opting for the Pro over the regular Instinct secures adjustable Instant Triggers that can eliminate the trigger pull (if you want) to activate action immediately with a single tap. Both Instinct controllers also feature SCUF’s beloved four-paddle system that can be programmed to replicate the ABXY buttons. Unlike the competing Elite Series 2 controller from Microsoft, you can also personalize your Instinct Pro’s physical look with interchangeable faceplates, D-pads, and thumbsticks.

Dropping: April 11

Twitch streamers and YouTubers have a chance to seriously level up with this Drop. A 4K webcam is crucial for content creation, and Logitech’s MX Brio is one of the best. It can stream in 4K at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps, both featuring better face visibility than Logitech’s older webcams through AI-enhanced image quality. Show Mode can flip the video to display what’s on your desk, while rotating the cam can quickly shut it off completely.

The regular $199.99 price tag on the MX Brio was already decent, but we expect its Drop discount to shave at least $50 off.

Dropping: April 12

Samsung released a slew of new products in March 2024, which included a unique new take on its beloved Frame products: a Music Frame. It’s a smart speaker that, you guessed it, will look like a classic picture frame displayed on the walls of your home. But rather than rummaging for your Bluetooth speaker when you need some background tunes for a party or solo cooking night, the Music Frame will be right there with Dolby Atmos audio. It can also sync to your Samsung TV’s speakers.

You can already get a free $100 Best Buy gift card when you snag the Music Frame at full price, so we’re hoping for a direct discount with this Drop.

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