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Beeper App That Created Workaround for iMessage on Android Acquired by WordPress Owner Automattic

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Automattic, the company behind popular web management system WordPress, has purchased Beeper and will absorb Beeper’s 27 employees. Beeper made headlines back in December for Beeper Mini, an app that brought iMessage to Android devices.

Beeper Mini used reverse engineered iMessage protocols and encryption, taking advantage of Apple’s own iMessage servers to let Android users send “blue bubble” texts to iPhone users without an Apple ID. The app supported all iMessage functionality, including read receipts, typing indictors, reactions, and end-to-end encryption.

Apple was not happy with Beeper Mini using its iMessage servers, and it blocked the Beeper Mini app. Beeper tried workarounds, but after suggesting Android users acquire a jailbroken ‌iPhone‌ to get the service to work, the company gave up on the idea.

After Apple blocked Beeper Mini from working, both the FTC and the U.S. Department of Justice met with Beeper CEO Eric Migicovsky. Beeper Mini was ultimately mentioned in the DoJ’s antitrust filing against Apple, with the DoJ suggesting it was a “fix” for the broken Android to ‌iPhone‌ cross-platform messaging issue.

Automattic does not plan to revive Beeper Mini, but is instead taking on Beeper, a universal chat app available for Android, iOS, and desktop devices. Beeper is able to integrate with multiple chat networks with a universal inbox, though it does not currently work with iMessage.

In a post announcing the acquisition by Automattic, Beeper CEO Eric Migicovsky said that Beeper is “cautiously optimistic about the future” because the DoJ has “sued Apple for blocking Beeper Mini’s access to iMessage.”

Going forward, Migicovsky will serve as Automattic’s Head of Messaging, and Beeper will operate as an independent team. With the acquisition, Beeper is no longer in beta and has officially launched.
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