Tech Published: 10 April 2024 Update: 10 April 2024

Apple Vision Pro CT Scans Showcase Internal Differences to Meta Quest

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The unique internal design of the Apple Vision Pro compared to its direct rivals was today revealed in CT scans performed by Lumafield.

Lumafield used its Neptune industrial CT scanner and Voyager analysis software to conduct non-destructive teardowns of the ‌Apple Vision Pro‌, Meta Quest Pro, and Meta Quest 3. The study began by examining the internal design and layout of the headsets, noting the ‌Apple Vision Pro‌’s emphasis on efficient use of space.

The Vision Pro’s components are arranged in a manner that maximizes internal space without compromising the exterior, featuring a flexible PCB ribbon and electronics positioned at various angles. This contrasts with the Meta Quest Pro and Quest 3, which utilize a more traditional approach by stacking primary elements on a single plane.

An examination of the sensors across the devices reveals the Vision Pro’s advanced use of eye and hand tracking technologies for UI navigation, involving a variety of sensors such as LiDAR and IR cameras. The Meta Quest devices, on the other hand, incorporate handheld controllers and an experimental version of hand tracking.

Thermal management strategies also vary significantly between the headsets. The Quest Pro’s uses a combination of basic active and passive cooling, while the Vision Pro features micro-blowers. Battery design and placement further differentiate the headsets, with the Vision Pro opting for an external battery pack to prioritize performance, while the Meta Quest models integrate the battery within the headset for user convenience.

Visit Lumafield’s website for more information and to interact with its CT scans of Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

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