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Apple Sending Emails to Developers Invited to WWDC 2024 Apple Park Special Event

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On Monday, June 10, Apple plans to hold a keynote viewing party for select students and developers, allowing them to watch the pre-recorded unveiling of new software updates. Apple accepted applications for the event until yesterday, and now emails are going out to developers who have been selected by the lottery process.

The event will include “exciting new programming,” an opportunity to meet with Apple experts, and other WWDC-related “special activities.”

At last year’s WWDC event, developers and students were provided with refreshments in the morning, followed by the keynote event. The Platforms State of the Union followed, and there were two Apple Park tours to choose from. The day ended with the Apple Design Awards and an evening dinner.

Prior to 2020, the Worldwide Developers Conference was an in-person event that was hosted in San Jose, California. Developers were required to pay $1,599 to purchase a ticket to attend, and space was limited. Starting in 2020, Apple turned WWDC into an online event open to all developers, but there have been small in-person events at ‌Apple Park‌ since 2022.

There will be a reception event at Apple’s Infinite Loop campus on Sunday, June 9, where attendees can pick up their badges early.

Apple extended invitations to Current Apple Developer Program members, Apple Developer Enterprise Program members, Apple Entrepreneur Camp alumni, and Swift Student Challenge winners from 2022 to 2024. Attendees were chosen by random selection.

While there is no cost to attend the ‌Apple Park‌ special event, Apple does not cover transportation or lodging. Out-of-state attendees will need to purchase airfare, hotel accommodations, and transportation to ‌Apple Park‌.

WWDC 2024 is set to take place from June 10 to June 14. Developers not selected to attend the special event can watch the keynote, interface with Apple engineers, and watch WWDC sessions online.

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